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Mary Ellender, Redlands, California

"Two years ago I was living alone in small rented apartment, struggling to find the cash to pay the bills every month, just getting by, and hating every single thing about my life ... Now I am living in a wonderful house in the countryside with a kind caring man, deeply in love, running an equestrian "Riding For The Disabled" center for a friend - and being paid more than I ever dreamed of while I live my perfect life. Life simply could not be better for me."

Are you happy with your life? Do you ever find yourself wishing for more money, love, happiness and satisfaction?

Good. Because the Law Of Attraction is about to change everything for you!

how you can make manifestation & THe law of attraction work for you

As you're reading this, you've probably heard of Manifestation and The Law of Attraction.

Maybe you've even tried to use it, and things didn't work out the way you hoped. (I'm going to explain exactly why that happens, and what you can do about it, in a moment.)

Now, you are about to take hold of a key which can open the door to a different life, a life in which you can have whatever you want. This is the key to controlling your own destiny.

Manifestation is real.

The power to control your own destiny using the law of attraction is Your birthright.

You're probably reading this because you want to improve your life financially, emotionally, or spiritually.  You want a life which gives you happiness, satisfaction and joy.  A life which allows you to become the person you were truly meant to be.

And so, before we go any further, let's see if you already know about one simple principle which can make all this happen. Ready? Here it is ...

The secret of successful manifestation - creating your world and getting what you want - is to put your energy out into the universe in a way which gives the universe no choice but to fulfill your desires and wishes.

Without knowing how to do that, you will never succeed.

Sure, you first need to decide what you want. And yes, you must be willing to take some small actions to move yourself in the general direction of what you want.

But please keep this simple fact in mind: whatever your goals and desires, whether they are large or small, life changing or life enhancing, you can have whatever you want with the unlimited, miraculous power of manifestation.

Imagine being able to make more money …

Imagine having strong, loving, fulfilling frienships and relationships …

Imagine being truly happy with your home, your life, your lover, your friends, your money and your occupation …

All this is possible when you understand the true power of manifestation and how to make it work for you in your life.

do you believe in the Law of Attraction?
But Don't Really know How to Get what you want?
Read on TO find out how!

When Rhonda Byrne published The Secret in 2006 many people's eyes were opened to the amazing power of the Law of Attraction.

But I believe the book and film didn't really explain exactly how you can get whatever you desire using the Law Of Attraction.

As a result, there are many frustrated people who believe in the Law of Attraction and its power but who can't seem to manifest anything in their own lives.

The good news is, that's all about to change....

Because I am going to show you, in an easy-to-use downloadable eBook, every single step you need to take so you can make manifestation a reality in your life.



In fact, this eBook contains all the information, all the techniques, and all the knowledge you need to make the Law of Attraction work for you - RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

With 11 detailed steps for long term results plus a "quick start guide" which shows you how to get immediate results, you will succeed.

Prepare to be shocked by the profound success secrets revealed in this eBook! And by the awe-inspiring results you will see around you from Day One!


You Are going to discover Things you never dreamed possible:

How to make manifestation work for you, no matter where you are in life right now!
  How to discover the kind of life which will truly make you happy, and how to create it in every area of your existence!
How to make visualization work in your manifestation - even if you've never succeeded before!
Understand what your deepest hopes, desires and wishes are really telling you – and discover reliable ways to manifest them in reality!
How to find your true purpose in life and experience the joy and happiness which comes from living in harmony with that purpose!
How to tap into the energy of expectancy and use it to take your life to a whole new level of joy, success and fulfilment!
Understand the driving force of action. All you need to do is take small steps toward your goal. This will always work much better than "burning bridges" or taking "massive irreversible action" as some people suggest!
The exact ways you can visualize your goals and desires to make them come true!
The emotional fuel behind manifestation. Discover how to become a positive, energized person who attracts people, opportunities and coincidences naturally, as the universe manifests your desires!
Plus, special techniques you can use to supercharge your manifestation … and much, much more!


It's Time You Learned the Truth:
The Biggest Reason People Fail To Get What They Want In Life Or Never Succeed Is

Because of Their Limiting Beliefs!

Chances are, you're battling limiting beliefs right now.

Let's take money, for example. After all, money is probably the most common reason why people want to use the Law of Attraction.


Almost all of us want more money. No, most of us need more money.

So how come 95% of people in the world remain dissatisfied with the money they're making? Why do so many people find it so hard to manifest prosperity and abundance?

Over and over again I've heard people decide on new financial goals and objectives and then try to manifest them – only to fail.

Here's an example: a man says he is going to have $1 million in his bank account by the end of next year / five years / ten years.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, nothing much changes.

The reason for this is simple: he doesn't believe he's worth $1 million.

Deep down inside, he believes he's really only worth a much lower amount - maybe $50,000. This deep seated belief about his worth, his earning power, means he stands no chance of reaching his goal of $1 million.

In fact, this is the limiting belief which prevents him from being successful.

However, there are powerful and simple ways to overcome these limiting beliefs so you can achieve your true desires. And I share them with you in "The Magic of Manifestation."

And there's loads more to discover in this amazing eBook:

How to create the life you've always dreamed of having … a life where you earn more money, enjoy better health, have more success and attract happier, more fulfilling relationships!
The real science behind the Law of Attraction. Sure, knowing this is not essential to manifesting the life of your dreams … but it certainly proves how and why the Law of Attraction can work FOR YOU!
How to develop a winning mindset filled with clarity and confidence - the fast way to achieve real change!
How to formulate your goals, intentions and actions so you finally get what you've been wanting for years. Riches? Weight loss? Better health? A fantastic relationship? A more successful business? It's all possible when you follow these strategies for success!
How to recognize what's really holding you back from achieving the success you desire … and how to overcome those obstacles quickly and easily!
How to identify any negative thoughts that may be holding you back … and eliminate them for good!
How to change your life for the better AND stop yourself falling back into old habits!
How to develop the mental skills to quickly and easily get everything you desire in life - including financial abundance, love, better health, a bigger and better business or career … and much, much more!
How to take fear, which we all experience, and use its energy to your advantage!
The REAL reason why some people succeed and others fail – what you learn here is sure to surprise you!
And much, much more!

Yes, now is the Time to Transform Your Life!

In "The Magic of Manifestation" you get everything you need to know about how to put the full force of manifestation to work in your life.

And you get it without having to do hours and hours of research and without having to buy dozens of expensive books and courses as you try and make sense of conflicting advice.

With The Magic Of Manifestation eBook you get all the essential, need-to-know information instantly.

And it's available by electronic download so you can start learning immediately.

If you're tired of not being able to meet all of life's challenges …

If you're tired of just "getting by" …

If you want to live a life of excellence … a life filled with success … then The Magic of Manifestation is exactly what you need to create the life of your dreams.

Take a Look at What Others
Are Saying About This ebook on the law of attraction

Alexander Brown, Brooklyn, New York

"I only found I could have a really good relationship when I read The Magic Of Manifestation. It's shown me how my expectations about what I could get were very low - and that was all about my low self confidence. With the help of Rod's eBook, I've found new self-confidence, I've thrown off the shackles of the past, and I'm finally in a loving relationship! Thank you Rod for showing me how to manifest a new reality!"


Jenine Alberte, Seine-Saint-Denis,  Paris

“I always celebrated the Universe and its power to manifest reality. But what I have achieved with the power of Manifestation since buying this eBook is almost beyond belief.

I've always known we're all connected to the Universal Power in some way. I just never understood how. I needed to know about this before I could make the Law of Attraction work for me. And The Magic of Manifestation explained it all.

Now it makes sense to me. Now it works for me ... it's not magic at all, of course - it just looks that way. Truly, "Ask and you shall receive." But you do have to know the right way to ask, c'est sûr. And The Magic Of Manifestation reveals all.

And what's it done for me? I came from a family with a poverty consciousness. They all believed our natural place in life was to be poor. As a child, I swallowed that belief whole. And that's how things stayed until I decided to set some personal goals and really manifest wealth and happiness.

I started a small business, making organic and biodynamic natural cosmetics, perfumes and skin lotions. This year I have employed five staff, and sales will be double the goals I originally set for my business. Without The Magic of Manifestation I would never have even dared to dream ... thank God I did.”


Ready to write your own success story?

So How Much Would You Expect to Pay
for the Advice & Information You Need
to Turn Your Dream Life into Reality?

How much are success and happiness worth to you? Are they worth hundreds of dollars … thousands of dollars … more?

Well, relax.... you won't have to pay near that much for The Magic of Manifestation.

You see, I still remember what it was like to be struggling, to be trying so hard to achieve the life of your dreams and experiencing nothing but failure and disappointment instead.

I'd like to give The Magic of Manifestation away for free ... but I also know that people sometimes don't value free information. It seems as if there has to be an exchange of energy.

And I also know that you may have purchased some Law of Attraction books which didn't work for you. Why should this one? Well, because, like I said earlier, those other authors didn't tell you the WHOLE story. Either that or they didn't have a clue what they were talking about.

That's why I've decided to offer a whole year's access to The Magic of Manifestation downloadable eBook PLUS 5 quality free gifts for a one-off payment of only $37. Yes, $37.

This is your big opportunity to change everything for only a few dollars.

That's $37 for unlimited access to secrets which will allow you to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve your heart's desires.

You also get some amazing FREE GIFTS! See below for details...


John Barnett, Paddington, London

“I was doubtful. I will admit that I was doubtful. We've heard all the amazing promises many times - and to be honest, manifestation hasn't worked for me in the past. But now I know the reason. I know exactly what the problem was ... the people who write about manifestation mostly don't practice it themselves - they just write about it.

Rod is different, because he really has made his life successful, simply by doing everything he shares with us in The Magic Of Manifestation. And more than anyone else, he knows how to destroy the limiting beliefs which hold people back. They were certainly holding me back - and I didn't even know they were there...

Once I got rid of my limiting beliefs, especially around money, my progress to financial freedom and personal achievement was like a rocket powered success story. I tell you from my heart, all it takes is the positive, total self belief that Rod helped me find, and a few simple techniques anyone can master.”

Learn the Real TRUTH ABOUT manifestation & THIS TIME IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

Here’s the bottom line on this – despite whatever's happened in the past, despite everything that's been holding you back, despite the frustration you’ve experienced in trying to change things before, this eBook will show you exactly how to get what you want SO FAST IT WILL SEEM LIKE A MIRACLE!


You’ll discover how to:

Overcome life’s challenges and achieve true success!
Become master of your own destiny!
Overcome those limiting beliefs from your past!
Determine what you really need in life to be happy!
Gain control over your life and what happens to you!
Say goodbye to the challenges and problems you currently face!
Identify negative thought patterns that are impeding your personal and professional progress!
Prepare yourself for consistent success!
Discover an inspiring life purpose that will add a greater depth of meaning to everything you do!
Grow into the person you were meant to be!
Develop deep and lasting relationships that will provide you with profound fulfillment!
Gain confidence and build your self-esteem!
Really take control of your life!
Achieve crystal-clear focus and direction!
And much more!

This fantastic life changing information is available for a year's access with five amazing free bonus gifts all included for only $37!

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Kate Howlett, Sydney, Australia.

“If you're hesitating, even though you know life could be better, I'd say buy this program. There's no risk at all, really - it comes with a money-back guarantee!

"I once believed our destiny was fixed. But now I know it's not so. Now I know each and every one of us has the power to change our lives.

"You know the saying 'You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain'? Take it from me, if I had never picked up the Magic of Manifestation, I would never have understood the Law Of Attraction, and I would never have become financially independent, with three very happy kids, and a dearly beloved husband who loves me to the very depth of my soul just the way I am.

And you can have those things too. Just trust you are here, reading this, for a very good reason. There are no accidents.”

The Magic of Manifestation eBook

To give you the maximum success in using The Law of Attraction, here are some fantastic free bonuses when you purchase The Magic of Manifestation!

A Powerful mp3 Audio Recording which will Quickly Destroy the beliefs Limiting your success!

This self hypnosis recording will empower you to swiftly overcome your limiting beliefs so you can manifest whatever you desire.

The recording takes you into a relaxed and receptive state of mind where powerful suggestions about your future success pass easily and quickly into your subconscious mind…. And then you will experience an amazing transformation as the limitations you have around success rapidly disappear!

By removing your self-limiting beliefs, and replacing them with empowering beliefs about how you can successfully manifest what you want, this recording will literally supercharge your progress towards getting what you want!

 Two Extremely Powerful Free Resources from our associates 

A FREE video series on self-hypnosis, giving you the power to easily program success in your own mind

AND a FREE MP3 album designed to relax and rejuvenate you - and even make you smarter!

Learn self hypnosis and find out exactly how to overcome your specific limiting beliefs – using a program designed by world renowned hypnotherapist Victoria Gallagher specifically to put personal power at your fingertips!

And you can get a FREE album combining beautiful relaxing music mixed with frequencies essential for your health!

This album is produced by state of the art self-development experts MindPowerMP3. It contains music mixed with the Schumann Resonances - said to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

This album entrains your brain waves to the Schumann Resonances – proven to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health. Amazingly, the more you listen, the smarter you get!

That’s because repeated listening creates new neural connections in your brain - and those connections immediately increase the flexibility, creativity, and information holding capabilities of your brain!

FREE! A Fully Revised and beautifully Updated Version of the Classic 1937 Book by Napoleon Hill (in PDF ebook format)
Think And Grow Rich"

Discover the fundamental truths about manifestation which Napoleon Hill revealed when he interviewed 50 highly successful multimillionaires. revealed when he interviewed 50 highly successful multimillionaires.
Understand the true secrets of financial success and apply them to your own life.
Explore all the secrets and information needed to manifest absolutely anything with complete success – this book is just as relevant today as it was in 1937!
Get this priceless, essential information for successful manifestation in any field – money, happiness, prosperity, relationships, abundance, love – FREE!
FREE eBook Edition of the Classic Work BY WALLACE D WATTLES (in pdf format)
"The Science Of Getting Rich"

Highly respected by generations of people applying the Law of Attraction, this amazing work is as powerful and relevant today as it ever has been.

Profound, insightful and indispensable, this eBook contains Wallace’s summary of the exact methods used by every successful expert on manifestation throughout the ages.

 This is a concise instruction manual on how anyone can use the Law of Attraction with complete confidence.

Sure, some of his language is old-fashioned, and yet these fundamental truths about manifestation will empower you to massive success in getting what you want.

FREE! Another Profound Work on the Law of Attraction and Manifestation in eBook Format, by Russell H Conwell:
"Acres of Diamonds"


This book has gone down in history as one of the most important on the subject of wealth creation because Conwell emphasized how to stay in spiritual and emotional balance while you manifest great wealth.

This eBook is essential reading and a powerful asset for anyone seeking to manifest wealth successfully.

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With all good wishes,

Rod Phillips


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